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Walkie Talkie Wilderness | By Misiconi Dance Company 

What is Walkie Talkie Wilderness
is a dance performance that consists of five dancers with and without disabilities choreographed by Joop Oonk and supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, VSBfonds and Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds. The piece is choreography of tasks, movement and rhythm. It explores communication, power relations and lack of freedom and questions the possibility for self-determination and autonomy under this dynamic: orders are given to the performers via a walkie-talkie, but also to the audience. That is exciting, because audiences and dancers never know how their actions will be interpreted and what the final result might be. At this point we would like to note that the piece is designed to be performed mainly in the public space while it can be adjusted in semi public locations, including theatre foyers. 

Behind the idea of Walkie Talkie Wilderness lies a clear hierarchical structure where the most powerful has the most to say. The choreography is playful and abstract where the bodies act as objects while the individuality of the dancers remains present and visible. The combination of dancers on stage -each with their own physical and mental qualities-, leads to a unique artistic result. 


Why do we need your help?
Even though funds are with us we would like to tour the performance because we believe that everyone in the Netherlands should see this performance. With this crowdfunding we aim to raise money to realize more Walkie Talkie Wilderness performances throughout the whole country. The effect we expect is that more visibility will lead to more programming in theaters and other venues.

What are we going to do with your money?
We are suported by VSBfonds, Prins Bernard Cultuur fonds and de Gemeente Rotterdam, AFK Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten and Fonds Gehandicapten NL. However with this amount we can only cover the production costs. Nevertheless, after the premiere we would like to do more shows. 

With the amount of 3500 euro's we can pay our dancers, technician, production and the venue for a minimum of 2 shows. 



Partners help us in an initial stage. They have offered us space and a platform to show the work. 

22nd of june we perform at A-lab WeMake.The.City/ROEF Festival 
18:00-19:00 + aftertalk & 19:30-20:30 + aftertalk 

Tickets: klick here

2nd of July we perform at the Rozet 
19:00-20:00 + aftertalk

A Lab is Amsterdam's ultimate living lab, combining the strength of Amsterdam's creative scene, technological prowess and free thinking spirit into a 5000m2 hothouse for bleeding edge experimentation. We host creatives and technologists and catalyze labs that are exploring the way we will live in the networked society that is upon us. We spin out ideas, companies and have as much appreciation for success as for failure. Our communities are our strength, our location our inspiration, our programming our success. You can rent a desk, an office or a inspiration space here. In our physical and virtual labs we bring together ecosystems that change the world. To name a few: Art & Culture, Journalism, Music, Social Robotics & Visual.

Rozet is the stage for activities aimed at social and sustainable development and the creative industry of Arnhem. Lectures, courses, workshops, debates, presentations, performances and exhibitions make Rozet a lively hub. In addition to the many activities, Rozet is open daily for visitors. With workstations, cozy seats, power points and free Wi-Fi on every floor, Rozet is the place to work, meet and relax.

Other collaborators are: Codarts, DanceImprint 


A few words about Misiconi: 
Misiconi Dance Company (2013) is a contemporary inclusive dance company based in Rotterdam. It works with a variety of dancers under the supervision and artistic director Joop Oonk, seeking the common within different bodies. Misiconi believes that integrated dance brings exceptional creative and artistic opportunities: the systematic, consistent and empathic way in which Misiconi works, the regularity of both local and international presentations as well as and the strong vision and drive of the artistic director, largely determine its unique character. 

Joop Oonk, is an inclusion dance specialist and artistic director of Misiconi Dance Company. 
Joop completed her BA at the Codarts Rotterdam Academy of the Arts in 2012 and in 2013 she received her MA in Dance Cultures at the University of Surrey (UK). She works as a choreographer, teacher and dancer both in the Netherlands and abroad. She is the artistic director of Misiconi Dance Company and the driving force behind Misiconi Foundation. Joop has always had a strong interest in various target groups and their social context. Her specialization in inclusion dance comes from a great motivation to research and practical approach. Among others, she worked with Stopgap Dance Company, Indepen dance, Platform k 

and Holland Dance. She is also the author of Unload to Upload, a manual for an inclusive dance practice.





Dancers: Suzanne Lamers, Manouk Schrauwen, Eric Verheijen, Eva Sterringa, Enya Straver
Participants: Mathilde Dirkzwager
Dramaturgy: Joost Segers
Music: Rutger Muller
Research: Marjolein Gysels
Technician/Light and Sound: Marc Hoogendam

Choreography: Joop Oonk
Misiconi Dance Company | Rotterdam | 2018 | info@misiconidance.nl


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WTW Amsterdam Premiere

16-09-2018 | 11:50 Beste Volger,  Walkie Talkie Wilderness heeft 11 oktober zijn Amsterdamse Premiere! Omdat jullie zo'n mooie donatie hebben gegeven willen we graag een gratis kaartje aan je weggeven.  11 Oct 2018 @ A Lab, Amsterdam Facebook event & Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/2041534996158605Link promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z95aRVkkSbk&feature=youtu.be Credits:Dancers: Suzanne Lamers, Manouk Schrauwen, Eric Heijmans, Eva Sterringa, Enya StraverParticipants: Mathilde DirkzwagerDramaturgy: Joost SegersMusic: Rutger Muller  Choreography: Joop OonkTechnician: Marc Hoogendam Special Guest Anastasia KostnerTitle: LOOK, subtitle: soul-searching media  The performance looks at tendencies of the media to loose the actual touch with reality: a striving body is overflown by it, caught in hyper-normalization, finds a place where the actual 'face', the identity, is lost. Soul-searching media, an act of, for and about the self? Dramaturgical support: Maarten van der Glas Dance Performance: Anastasia KostnerMusic: 'The Journey' by Illum Sphere with special effects   Practical Information Date & Time: 11 Oct 2018, at 18:30 & 20:00Tickets: https://wtw11okt.eventbrite.nl Entrance: 8,00 Language: DutchVenue: The playground space of A Lab, Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS AmsterdamW: misiconidance.nl F: misiconidancecompany/ *note: both performances will be filmed
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30-05-2019 | 14:19 Het blijft zo belangrijk inclusie te stimuleren op allerlei gebieden. Mijn grote wens is dan ook, dat de aandacht hiervoor geen trend is, maar structureel wordt de komende jaren. Zo kun je een andere 'mindset' realiseren. Joop ik wens je heel veel succes en blijf vooral doorgaan hiermee. Voor mij persoonlijk blijft Kunst en Cultuur ontzettend waardevol in deze snelle en soms wat 'self centred' maatschappij.